2019 NBA Draft Lottery results, takeaways: Pelicans land top pick, likely Zion Williamson; Knicks, Lakers take Nos. 3 and 4 – CBS Sports

2019 NBA Draft Lottery results, takeaways: Pelicans land top pick, likely Zion Williamson; Knicks, Lakers take Nos. 3 and 4 – CBS Sports

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery brought all sorts of drama and intrigue as the New Orleans Pelicans won the right to the No. 1 overall pick. They had just a six percent chance of landing the top pick coming into the draft, but the odds were in their favor on Tuesday night.  More on Pelicans…

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery introduced all sorts of drama and intrigue because the Contemporary Orleans Pelicans won the steady to the No. 1 total purchase. They had factual a six percent likelihood of touchdown the tip purchase coming into the draft, however the percentages indulge in been of their settle on on Tuesday night. 

Rounding out the tip five is the Memphis Grizzlies, Contemporary York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. Knicks fans didn’t fetch the No. 1 purchase they indulge in been hoping for, but No. 3 is a solid touchdown attach. As for the Lakers, they made a broad jump. They indulge in been within the No. 11 slot heading into the lottery, and had factual a 9.4 percent likelihood of leaping into the tip four, but that’s factual the attach they landed at No. 4. 

The broad loser here is the Suns, who had the 2nd-worst file within the celebrated season, and a 14 percent likelihood of the No. 1 purchase, but fell the whole ability to No. 6. They did indulge in the No. 1 purchase final yr although, so presumably they extinct up all their lottery most attention-grabbing fortune. 

With Duke sensation Zion Williamson expected to be the No. 1 total purchase, there was loads at stake this yr. Every crew would indulge in been thrilled to grab the steady to purchase the broad man, who is one of the most splendid possibilities to return along in years. 

The Draft Lottery — held every yr since 1985 — determines the expose whereby groups who failed to make the playoffs will settle in that yr’s NBA Draft. Technically, the first four picks indulge in been the splendid ones determined by the lottery machine. After the first four picks, the leisure groups indulge in been ordered by the inverse of their celebrated season records. 

2019 NBA Draft Lottery outcomes

Here are just a few takeaways from the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery:

Pelicans fetch Zion regardless of what

Main up to the Draft Lottery, there was all sorts of speculation about whether or not the crew that won the steady to the No. 1 purchase would try to flip around and exchange it to the Pelicans as part of an Anthony Davis exchange package deal. That was very factual if the Knicks — or the Lakers after we knew they moved up into the tip four — won the tip purchase. 

As an replacement, the Pelicans ended up winning the lottery themselves. Now, they would fetch Zion Williamson regardless of what happens. Plus, it adds even extra intrigue to their offseason plans. At his introductory press convention, unique crew president David Griffin mentioned that they have not given up hope of convincing Davis to stay. Whether or not that was honest, or factual an try to grab the cost on a exchange package deal will not be determined, but winning the No. 1 purchase can most effective make their case larger within the occasion that they in point of fact hope Davis will stay. And if he doesn’t, they now indulge in Williamson as a replacement centerpiece. 

There is no question they’re the greatest winners of the night. 

Lakers make a broad jump

The Lakers’ first season with LeBron James was nothing short of a anxiety, every on the court docket and off, but Tuesday night continuously is the first price of a turnaround. They indulge in been within the No. 11 slot heading into the lottery after finishing the celebrated season with a 37-forty five file, and had most effective a 9.4 percent likelihood of leaping into the tip four. But that’s appropriate the attach they landed, securing the No. 4 purchase in subsequent month’s draft. 

That’s a broad enhance for his or her possibilities of swinging an Anthony Davis exchange. There indulge in been loads of mixed indicators sent out every before and after the exchange closing date just a few months ago, but one of the most major takeaways gave the affect to be that the Pelicans didn’t mediate the Lakers’ exchange package deal was stunning ample. With out being within the Pelicans’ front administrative heart, it be very not possible to know if that feeling has changed, however the Lakers’ first-round purchase this yr being No. 4 as a replacement of articulate, No. 10 or 11 is an sizable distinction. And although the Lakers have not pull off the Davis exchange, the same is factual. They could fetch a grand larger degree prospect to succor the crew subsequent season and coming into the long speed. 

Knicks have not fetch No. 1, possible could well not fetch A.D.

The Knicks executed the celebrated season with the worst file within the league at 17-65, but with the unique lottery odds implemented this season, their possibilities of getting the tip purchase dropped from 25 percent to 14 percent. And as we all know now, they failed to fetch the No. 1 purchase. Even supposing they did quiet remain within the tip three with the No. 3 purchase, that possible ends their hope of working their ability to an Anthony Davis exchange. 

It was continuously going to be sophisticated for the Knicks to plan a exchange package deal that would compete with the affords from the Lakers and the Celtics, but winning the No. 1 purchase would indulge in been their broad trump card. As an replacement, the Pelicans themselves purchased the first purchase, and now can factual purchase Zion Williamson themselves. Soundless, getting the No. 3 purchase will not be a execrable consolation prize for the Knicks, as they would quiet add a good younger participant to either proceed their rebuild or complement regardless of stars they’re in a location to join the summer. 

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