How The Hell Did J.P. Crawford Make This Throw? – Deadspin

How The Hell Did J.P. Crawford Make This Throw? – Deadspin

The Mariners haven’t really given us a lot to talk about since their red-hot start to the season actually turned out to be nothing more than the sparks that evolved into an absolute tire fire. That streak of mediocrity seemed likely to end starting on Thursday, when Seattle began its series against the team with…

The Mariners haven’t genuinely given us loads to chat about since their purple-sizzling beginning up to the season genuinely grew to alter into out to be nothing higher than the sparks that superior into an absolute tire hearth. That traipse of mediocrity appeared more seemingly to entire starting on Thursday, when Seattle started its series in opposition to the group with the worst document in MLB: the Detroit Tigers.

Interestingly ample, you can possibly also very smartly pinpoint the correct moment that the Mariners looked as if it will regain their groove back, because of the the fabulous acrobatic skills and arm power that J.P. Crawford displayed on Friday. In an act of defiance in opposition to gravity itself, Crawford used to be in a local to throw a laser from his shortstop space to first heinous all whereas falling backwards, with out setting his toes, and relying most effective on the momentum gained from his contorting torso to regain his group out of the high of the ninth.

As you bought yourself from the shock of appropriate how spectacular that throw used to be, save yourself in the shoes of Mariners first baseman Austin Nola, who had to maintain his shock prolonged ample after watching the play dwell to regain the have so that the hassle didn’t saunter to smash.

“I obtained to the bag and it practically looked like he threw it over his head like a Hakeem Olajuwon [hook shot],” Nola acknowledged. “It used to be not possible. It appropriate came out of nowhere. I was greatly surprised at how powerful juice it had on the throw. I’ve never seen a throw like that. I’m going to rewatch it and glimpse the map in which it genuinely completed out because after I saw the ball, I was appropriate genuinely serious about stretching as laborious as I’m able to.”

Both manager maintain been also impressed with the play, though their descriptions maintain been a bit more subdued than Nola’s. Mariners manager Scott Servais acknowledged it used to be “about as appropriate a play as you’re ever going to glimpse by a shortstop,” whereas Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire acknowledged he hadn’t “seen one thing like that in a prolonged, prolonged time.”

For sure, among the finest group that seemingly isn’t celebrating the preposterous nature of this play may possibly be the Phillies, who traded away this physics-defying infielder back in December for Jean Segura and a pair relievers.


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