Josh Jacobs was ‘trying to bully’ Cardinals defenders in debut, had Derek Carr putting him up there with Mars… – Silver And Black Pride

Josh Jacobs was ‘trying to bully’ Cardinals defenders in debut, had Derek Carr putting him up there with Mars… – Silver And Black Pride

One of the things Raiders fans were looking forward to seeing the most in the team’s second preseason game was the debut of rookie running back Josh Jacobs. They didn’t have to wait long. The first three plays were runs by Jacobs in which he ran for 6 yards, 8 yards, and 6 yards. That’s…

Actually appropriate one of many things Raiders fans obtain been waiting for seeing primarily the most within the team’s 2nd preseason game become the debut of rookie working support Josh Jacobs. They didn’t obtain to motivate long. The first three performs obtain been runs by Jacobs wherein he ran for 6 yards, 8 yards, and 6 yards. That’s some nice chunks of yards towards a first-rate team defense.

It didn’t seem as if he did anything spectacular, but that doesn’t point out he become right working thru begin space within the market. He become working between the tackles and the undeniable truth that he hit the hole pudgy trail and didn’t lose trail suggests he has one of many very most realistic doable qualities a working support can obtain — imaginative and prescient.

“He’s a right support, there’s no question,” acknowledged Jon Gruden. “He can trail the ball, he’s bought right imaginative and prescient, he can atomize arm tackles, he’s bought some acceleration and burst, no question. And I reflect he’s going to be a surely right player.”

His quarterback has been waiting for seeing what his original backfield mate can carry out as neatly. And he had a entrance row seat.

“In actuality right, correct?” acknowledged Derek Carr of the rookie support. “I understanding his imaginative and prescient… I’ve been ready at hand the ball off to some moderately right working backs. I’ve played with some fun one – MJD (Maurice Jones-Drew, DMac (Darren McFadden), Latavius [Murray], Marshawn [Lynch], Doug [Martin] – and that’s right the fellows which obtain carried numerous footballs. I’ve played with some right backs and staring at his imaginative and prescient become surely spectacular.

“I’ve bought the very most realistic seat within the house. I’m sitting support there playing Madden, telling him to diminish support and attempting to trail for him and he’s correct up there with those guys and for him to carry out that, in particular in his first game.

“I reflect the thing that rubbed off on me primarily the most about Josh become his decide on-to. It wasn’t enjoy ‘Man, right here’s my first game’ nothing enjoy that. He become right attempting to bully folks, he become within the market attempting to trail arduous, he didn’t care that he become a rookie, he’s attempting to impress that he’s the very most realistic support within the NFL. That’s his mindset and surely, surely impressed.”

In total, Jacobs carried the ball four cases for 21 yards (5.1 yards per carry). It’s a small pattern dimension, which is more or much less the narrative of his college profession. He’ll also be electric in bursts because he’s never been a workhorse support in is incessantly original.

What the Raiders gaze from him as far as his skillset is now not all that glorious. He become the very most realistic support taken within the first round of this one year’s draft for a reason. If he’s to stay up to the comparisons Carr is making, he must screen he can carry the load and never save on down over a pudgy game and a pudgy season. However better to obtain the abilities first. The sturdiness they’ll work on.

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