The Raiders Are Fed Up With Antonio Brown – Deadspin

The Raiders Are Fed Up With Antonio Brown – Deadspin

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)It is impressive, frankly, how much has happened in the Antonio Brown helmet saga—how much has been said and done and how much angst has been expended in the Raiders receiver’s battle against the NFL over the rules barring him from wearing his helmet of choice—without the whole thing having moved even…

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Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)

It is miles spectacular, frankly, how great has took narrate in the Antonio Brown helmet saga—how great has been acknowledged and completed and the design in which great angst has been expended in the Raiders receiver’s wrestle against the NFL over the foundations barring him from carrying his helmet of different—with out the entirety having moved even one sliver nearer to a resolution. Things began with Brown staying far off from camp because he couldn’t build on his helmet, and that’s real assist where we are on the present time.

The Raiders anticipated Brown to preserve shut beefy piece in discover on Sunday. He had participated in the team’s stroll-via on Saturday, and had traveled with the team for its preseason sport on Thursday, even catching passes from Derek Carr in heat-ups. There become a helmet fervent, and the realization become that Brown had indirectly found a version of his most smartly-preferred model that become below 10 years used, and thus now not disqualified from meeting safety requirements agreed upon by the NFL and NFLPA. Jon Gruden assumed so, anyway. Or as a minimum Jon Gruden wished you to terminate asking about it. “I’m now not speaking about it anymore,” Gruden acknowledged on Thursday. “It become a appropriate, licensed helmet, you already know? Somebody licensed it, or he wouldn’t have venerable it.”

Wisely. About that.

“You all know that A.B. is now not right here on the present time. So right here’s the underside line. He’s upset about the helmet anguish. Now we have supported that. We like that. Nonetheless at this level we’ve reasonably great exhausted all avenues of reduction. So from our standpoint, it’s time for him to be all in, or all out.

“So we’re hoping he’s assist rapidly. We’ve received 89 guys busting their tails. We’re in actuality eager on where this franchise is going. And we hope A.B. will seemingly be a monumental piece of it, beginning Week 1 against Denver. Dwell of story. No questions. Right wished you guys to know where we were.”

So what took narrate? It looks Brown’s public call for helmets become a hit; he positioned a pair of variations that had been revamped the previous decade, even supposing most attention-grabbing one of the devices become NOCSAE-licensed. Nonetheless, based on Pro Football Talk, when that 9-year-used helmet become sent for checking out, it failed. So Brown become as soon as again with out a appropriate helmet, and he’s as soon as again refusing to study in a brand new model. So great drama, so shrimp growth.

Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus says the WR is quiet examining his helmet alternatives, and Ian Rapoport says the following step is to ship for checking out two helmets of the identical model nevertheless from a quantity of years.

Brown’s frustrated with the league, and for lawful cause: The NFL hadn’t banned or even tested his most smartly-preferred model till he made an anguish of it this summer season, which manner that every a quantity of NFL player with a helmet older than a decade, including Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, had one-year grace lessons to get new devices they loved. And the Raiders are frustrated with Brown—which capacity that fact Mayock’s feedback. The indisputable fact that it become given as an announcement and now not based on newshounds’ questions, and that it become pushed out via the team’s legitimate channels, is a lawful build that the Raiders are nearing a brink.

Nonetheless what can they in actuality manufacture about it? They’re going to also sever again Brown, nevertheless they’d quiet have to pay him, even after he seemingly ended up with yet any other team. They’ve a single option if they have to recoup the $30 million in assured money they gave Brown in a contract extension upon procuring and selling for him in March: They’re going to also ship Brown the dreaded “5-day letter,” formally annoying he picture back to camp within 5 days, and if he does now not level to up, they’re going to seemingly be enable to narrate him on the reserve/left squad list, recurring for avid gamers who dash away the team all over camp with out permission. That will well mark him ineligible to play for the entire season, nevertheless it no doubt’d additionally mean the Raiders wouldn’t have to pay his ensures. It’s the nuclear option, nevertheless each and every Brown and Oakland are hastily burning via the entire others.

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