Bluetooth harvester signals hacking group’s growing interest in mobile – Ars Technica

Bluetooth harvester signals hacking group’s growing interest in mobile – Ars Technica

ADVANCED PERSISTENT THREATS — ScarCruft’s new interest in mobile devices suggests the group’s continuing evolution. Dan Goodin – May 13, 2019 6:31 pm UTC A Korean-speaking hacking group in operation since at least 2016 is expanding its arsenal of hacking tools to include a Bluetooth-device harvester in a move that signals the group’s growing interest…


ScarCruft’s new hobby in cellular devices suggests the community’s persevering with evolution.

Bluetooth harvester indicators hacking community’s growing hobby in cellular

A Korean-speaking hacking community in operation since at the very least 2016 is growing its arsenal of hacking tools to encompass a Bluetooth-tool harvester in a transfer that indicators the community’s growing hobby in cellular devices.

ScarCruft is a Korean-speaking developed power threat community that researchers with security agency Kaspersky Lab were following since at the very least 2016. At the time, the community changed into stumbled on using at the very least four exploits, including an Adobe Flash zeroday, to infect targets positioned in Russia, Nepal, South Korea, China, India, Kuwait, and Romania.

In a put up printed Monday, Kaspersky Lab researchers mentioned they found a personalised Bluetooth-tool harvester created by ScarCruft. The researchers wrote:

This malware is guilty for stealing Bluetooth-tool data. It is fetched by a downloader and collects data straight from the infected host. This malware uses Windows Bluetooth APIs to receive data on linked Bluetooth devices and saves the next data.

  • Occasion Title: Title of tool
  • Cope with: Cope with of tool
  • Class: Class of the tool
  • Connected: Whether or no longer the tool is hooked up(lawful or false)
  • Authenticated: Whether or no longer the tool is authenticated(lawful or false)
  • Remembered: Whether or no longer the tool is a remembered tool(lawful or false)

The attackers look like growing the scope of the details tranquil from victims.

Overlap with DarkHotel

Kaspersky Lab researchers mentioned that one of the Russia- and Vietnam-based fully funding and trading companies infected by ScarCruft can also simply to find links to North Korea. The researchers mentioned ScarCruft also attacked a diplomatic agency in Hong Kong and one more diplomatic agency in North Korea. “It looks ScarCruft is basically focusing on intelligence for political and diplomatic functions,” the researchers wrote.

One purpose from Russia precipitated a malware detection alert while staying in North Korea. The alert means that it had useful data about North Korean affairs. ScarCruft infected the aim in September 2018. Before that, on the change hand, the aim had been infected by a different APT community is known as


and, sooner than that, a different fraction of malware is known as Konni.

“Right here’s no longer the first time we to find considered an overlap of ScarCruft and DarkHotel actors,” Kaspersky Lab researchers wrote. “They are every Korean-speaking threat actors, and sometimes their victimology overlaps. But every groups seem to to find different TTPs (Tactics, Tactics, and Procedures), and it leads us to take into consideration that one community on a fashioned basis lurks in the change’s shadow.”

ScarCruft infects its targets by means of spearphishing emails and by infecting the glean sites they talk to and lacing them with exploits. Usually, the exploits are zerodays. In other circumstances, the community has old public exploit code. The community also uses a multi-stage an infection direction of that not directly downloads recordsdata from a enlighten and defend watch over server. To thwart community defenses, the downloader uses steganographic tactics that veil an encrypted payload in an portray file. The closing payload installs a backdoor is known as ROKRAT.

Kaspersky’s discovery of the Bluetooth harvester is proof that ScarCruft is persevering with to impress its capabilities.

“The ScarCruft has confirmed itself to be a extremely skilled and filled with life community,” Monday’s put up concluded. “It has a eager hobby in North Korean affairs, attacking these in the industry sector who can also simply to find any connection to North Korea, as smartly as diplomatic companies accurate by means of the globe. Per the ScarCruft’s recent actions, we strongly take into consideration that this community is inclined to continue to adapt.”

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