‘Fortnite’ Clock Tower Locations Map: Where to Visit 3 Different Clocks – Inverse

‘Fortnite’ Clock Tower Locations Map: Where to Visit 3 Different Clocks – Inverse

It’s time to focus on time in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9, Week 8 by visiting several clocks on the map as part of a new challenge that unlocked Thursday morning. The challenge has players “visit different clocks.” Seems simple enough, right?The Tilted Towers clock tower might immediately come to mind, but now that this…

It’s time to point of interest on time in Fortnite: Fight Royale Season 9, Week 8 by visiting several clocks on the scheme as a part of a recent scenario that unlocked Thursday morning. The scenario has players “visit different clocks.” Appears to be like simple ample, lawful?

The Tilted Towers clock tower may perchance well straight reach to mind, but now that this shuttle spot has been remodeled into Neo Tilted at the launch of Season 9, issues are different.

Here’s where players can visit clocks in Fortnite for the Week 8 scenario: Junk Junction, Neo Tilted, and Joyful Hamlet each bear the kind of clock. There’s additionally the horny addition of the Sunny Steps sundial.

Up so a long way point to: Regardless of being the handiest primitive clock tower standing, the clock in Joyful Hamlet doesn’t count in the direction of this scenario. If right here is a glitch, you would nonetheless know that Narrative Games gave your whole firm a fortnight (that’s two weeks — ha ha ha) of shuttle time off from June 24 to July 8, so this most likely won’t be mounted unless within the future after that.

fortnite clock areas scheme
UPDATE: Don’t concern with Joyful Hamlet lawful now. As a replace, visit the sundial in Sunny Steps.

There’s no particular narrate that players bear to head to those clocks in, but with one of the up-to-date glitch in Joyful Hamlet, players are at an advantage waiting on that shuttle spot and as a replace visit the different two first.

The Junk Junction clock is a clocktower being built within the southwest corner of the space, true contained within the outer wall. Landing on or subsequent to the tower may perchance well nonetheless award the player with credit. If players are feeling ambitious, they would perchance launch by landing at this clock before heading without extend east to the grasslands flee be aware. From there, it’s that you just would also judge of to pick out a quadcrasher or driftboard that can help them commute south.

Over in Neo Tilted, the holo-clock tower that’s a part of Fortbyte #2 and the Week 4 Utopia loading cowl serves as a legitimate “clock,” although it’s digital. Reaching the base of the tower may perchance well nonetheless grant credit, but oftentimes, if enemy players assassinate the true tower and clock, it turns into impossible to obtain credit.

fortnite neo tilted
The holo-clock tower in Neo Tilted appears on the lawful aspect of this image.

Joyful Hamlet’s clock tower is lawful within the center of the space, and it’s impossible to miss, because it’s the tallest constructing within the named converse. On the other hand, as of this writing, landing on or shut to it doesn’t award credit for this scenario. So there’s most likely some kind of glitch occurring.

As a replace, head over to the heart of Sunny Steps, where the sundial counts as a clock that’ll obtain you to the tip of this scenario.

According to the in-sport countdown, Season 9 is scheduled to discontinue on July 23, so there’s no longer up to a month left within the season before hundreds changes happen that’ll lead us into Season 10.

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