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Matt Hancock backs ‘One Nation Tory’ Johnson for leader

Matt Hancock backs ‘One Nation Tory’ Johnson for leader

Boris Johnson’s allies today dismissed talk of a Brexit general election pact with Nigel Farage to ward off the threat from Labour – as he won the backing of former rival Matt Hancock. Supporters of the Tory front runner insisted he did not ‘need’ to do a deal with Mr Farage, despite the rising threat from…

Boris Johnson’s allies this day pushed aside talk of a Brexit standard election pact with Nigel Farage to ward off the threat from Labour – as he won the backing of frail rival Matt Hancock. 

Supporters of the Tory entrance runner insisted he did no longer ‘need’ to include a handle Mr Farage, irrespective of the rising threat from his modern safe collectively. 

The rebuke came amid claims Conservative donors are plotting a tie-up with Mr Farage that could conclude the Eurosceptic vote from splitting at a typical election – which many dread will near sooner rather than later with Labour threatening an early no-self perception motion against a brand modern PM. 

The affiliation could imply the Brexit Event does no longer subject candidates against Tories they gaze as dedicated to constructing a lively break from the EU. 

Any deal could quilt dozens of seats, helping to guard Brexiteers who could simply be at probability of Labour opponents if Mr Farage’s crew took a bit of their vote. In return the Tories could step apart in northern metropolitan constituencies where the Brexit Event is most attention-grabbing placed to fetch.

Underlining the energy of the venture from the Brexit Event, a ballotthe day prior to this attach its toughen on 24 per cent, three functions ahead of both the Tories and Labour. 

Mr Johnson’s procession against Downing Road gathered tempo this day as Matt Hancock backed him – amid claims he has already started promising Cupboard jobs.  

The Neatly being Secretary dropped out on Friday after a disappointing result in the first spherical ballot, but has now attach himself in the running to be the following Chancellor by endorsing the favourite.

Michael Gove also perceived to be seeking to tender members of the family this morning, rejecting the premise that Mr Johnson needs to be ruled out on grounds of ‘moral probity’ and asserting he ‘has what it takes’ to be PM.

Alternatively, Mr Johnson goes thru extra criticism over his ‘submarine’ campaign strategy of minimising scrutiny.

Having snubbed the first Tory leadership TV debate final night, Mr Johnson stayed away from hustings with political journalists this day. 

Mr Johnson (pictured leaving his London dwelling this day) is taking a leer unstoppable for next PM

Mr Stewart has been installed as 2nd favourite in the Tory leadership sprint – albeit distance behind Mr Johnson 

International Secretary Jeremy Hunt (pictured out running this day) is Mr Johnson’s closest challenger – but came a miles away 2nd in the first spherical of voting final week 

Justice Secretary David Gauke laid into Mr Johnson on Twitter this day as tensions rose 

Johnny Leavesley, the pinnacle of the Midlands Industrial Council – the Tories’ biggest donor neighborhood – wrote in the Telegraph this day that the following PM ‘needs to be willing to work with Farage’.

‘Farage knows he cannot fetch a typical election outright and loads Conservatives will realise that is also their truth,’ he wrote. 

The put could a Tory-Brexit pact help gaze off Labour at an election? 

Listed below are one of the constituencies where a pact between the Tories and the Brexit Event could help safe Labour out. 


Held by: Conservative, Jackie Doyle-Brand 

Majority: 0.7 per cent over Labour 

Leave vote: 70.3 per cent


Labour, Kevin Barron 

Majority: 7.8 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 66.9 per cent


Conservative, Ben Bradley 

Majority: 2.1 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 70.9 per cent


Labour, Melanie Onn

Majority: 7.2 per cent over Tories 

Leave vote: 70.2 per cent


Labour, Ruth Smeeth

Majority: 5.7 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 72.1 per cent 


Conservative, Eddie Hughes 

Majority: 6.8 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 71.9 per cent


Labour, Gloria de Piero 

Majority: 0.9 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 70.6 per cent


Conservative, Jack Brereton

Majority: 1.6 per cent over Labour 

Leave vote: 70.8 per cent


 Labour, Sue Hayman

 Majority: 9.4 per cent over Tories

 Leave vote: 60.3 per cent 


Labour, Mary Creagh

Majority: 4.7 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 62 per cent


Conservative, Lucy Allan

Majority: 1.6 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 67.1  per cent


Labour, Helen Goodman

Majority: 1.2 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 60.6 per cent


Labour, Gordon Marsden

Majority: 7.2 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 67.8 per cent


Labour, Nic Dakin

Majority: 8.5 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 69.1 per cent 


Conservative, Robert Goodwill

Majority: 6.8 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 61.4 per cent


Labour, Paul Farrelly

Majority: 0.1 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 61.7 per cent


Conservative, Maggie Throup

Majority: 9.1 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 63.3 per cent 


Conservative, Michael Ellis

Majority: 2.0 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 60.7 per cent


Labour, John Mann

Majority: 9.3 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 68.3 per cent 


Labour, Lisa Forbes

Majority: 1.3 per cent over Tories

Leave vote: 62.9 per cent


Conservative, Lee Rowley 

Majority: 5.7 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 62.2 per cent


Conservative, Simon Clarke

Majority: 2.1 per cent over Labour

Leave vote: 65 per cent 

‘A Brexit-Conservative pact could lose the Tories great of their liberal flit, but it can maybe give readability over Brexit and be the key to enough reputation to set them. In essence, the following top minister needs to be willing to work with Farage.’

Alternatively, Brexit minister James Cleverly stated if Mr Johnson grew to turn out to be PM he would no longer must include a handle Mr Farage.

He educated BBC Radio 4’s This day programme: ‘I cannot gaze that is something he would are seeking to include and it will not be any longer anything he would must include.

‘He’s prepared to fetch elections with Conservatives and Conservative toughen. He did not broach electoral pacts in London and I cannot factor in he would must broach electoral pacts at this level.’

At some level of the Tory leadership TV debate final night, Rory Stewart used to be the most attention-grabbing one in every of the five candidates show hide who stated they would perchance be willing to talk about with Mr Farage about guidelines on how to web Brexit. 

The Worldwide Building Secretary insisted Mr Farage used to be the ‘man that led the Leave campaign’ in the 2016 referendum.

Nonetheless a clearly infuriated Michael Gove retorted: ‘Nigel Farage just isn’t any longer the face of Brexit.’

Jeremy Hunt stated Mr Farage’s ‘first selection’ used to be Brexit on standard World Alternate organisation phrases, and that must no longer be the Tory area.  

Sajid Javid stated: ‘You don’t beat the Brexit Event by changing into the Brexit Event.’ 

Mr Farage educated the Telegraph: ‘I even include had a couple of approaches from folks asserting ‘would no longer this be an precise advice?’ To which I enlighten ‘to include what? Staunch to relieve the Tories inner No10 and us in the EU?” 

He added: ‘I fabricate no longer belief any of them [the leadership candidates] to raise an precise Brexit and except that subject changes, we’re gearing up as an organisation to fight every seat in the nation.’ 

Chancellor Philip Hammond will no longer live to mutter the tale the changeover to a Johnson regime, meaning the prized situation at No11 is up for grabs.

Treasury chief secretary Liz Truss has been pushing exhausting for the job, having backed Mr Johnson from the originate.  

Alternatively, allies of Mr Johnson stated he had been ‘inspired’ by Mr Hancock’s campaign and it’s identified the pair spoke several cases over the weekend. 

Mr Hancock stated he ‘wholeheartedly endorsed’ Mr Johnson who he stated can ‘raise the safe collectively and nation collectively’ by ‘dominating the centre ground’.

He praised Mr Johnson’s ‘disciplined campaign’ and argued he is ‘nearly particular’ to be the following PM. 

‘Now we include to unite behind him with a solid crew that can raise the safe collectively collectively after which raise the nation collectively,’ he educated The Situations. 

‘I even include incessantly argued for a strategy of defeating the hazard of Farage by turning in Brexit and defeating the hazard of Corbyn by dominating the centre ground thereafter. That is Boris’s thought and I wholeheartedly endorse it.’

Mr Gove admitted he used to be upset by Mr Hancock’s option.

‘He’s a chum of mine and I know that over the route of the weekend he had a extremely tricky solution to include,’ he educated BBC Radio 4’s This day programme.

‘Without going into personal conversations, I know that he used to be alternating between supporting Boris and supporting me.

‘He felt that we were the 2 strongest candidates in the sprint.’ 

At some level of his interview, Mr Gove used to be incessantly pressed on whether Mr Johnson’s ‘morality’ can include to mute rule him out of the fight for No10.  

‘I’d brush off that altogether,’ he stated. 

‘Just probity does topic. 

‘Nonetheless I judge that the total candidates who are standing to be leader, in my leer, are able to being top minister.

‘I myself judge that Boris and your total other candidates are folks who on every ground include what it takes to be a doubtlessly precise top minister.’

He added: ‘There were assorted attempts to to mount personal attacks against him and against one other candidates. I judge that is sinful. 

‘Look for, in the previous, I even include had my criticisms and differences with Boris. 

‘Nonetheless I reflect he is somebody who’s able to being top minister.’ 

Mr Hancock stop the sprint after securing factual 20 votes in the first spherical with an admission that the safe collectively used to be no longer procuring for the ‘candidate of the long term’ but ‘a candidate for the queer circumstances we face appropriate now’.

Mr Johnson’s crew insisted no provides of a job in a future cupboard had been discussed. 

Mr Hancock is viewed as a doable chancellor or commercial secretary in a Johnson administration.

Supporters of the Tory entrance runner insisted he did no longer ‘need’ to include a handle Nigel Farage (pictured outdoor No10 earlier this month) irrespective of the rising threat from his modern safe collectively

Matt Hancock pictured at Parliament after quitting the Tory leader sprint on Friday, having securing factual 20 votes in the first spherical – and has now endorsed Boris Johnson

Rory Stewart educated GMB this day (pictured) that if he worked for Boris Johnson he would include to ‘advocate for a no deal Brexit that I judge cannot be delivered’

An empty podium used to be left by Channel 4 to embarrass Boris Johnson after he snubbed the Tory leadership debate final night

Boris vows like a flash broadband in every dwelling by 2025 – but does not enlighten how great this could payment  

Boris Johnson vowed to attach like a flash broadband in every dwelling by 2025 this day – but faced a backlash about how he’ll pay for the pledge. 

The Authorities is currently aiming to include accomplished the rollout of beefy-fibre broadband to 100 per cent of properties by 2033, a target Mr Johnson described as ‘laughably unambitious’.

Nonetheless the Tory leadership frontrunner stated the pledge would be delivered inner ‘five years on the outdoor’ if he becomes the following top minister.

Justice Secretary David Gauke, who’s on the Remain flit of the safe collectively, stated every intervention by Mr Johnson used to be rising borrowing by billions. 

In a swipe at ministers comparable to Matt Hancock who are angling for a high job below Mr Johnson, he tweeted: ‘If Boris wins, precise success to whoever becomes his Chancellor. 

‘It’d be a noble act of self-sacrifice to accept the job. Who’d include it?’ 

It came as Mr Johnson’s campaign used to be buoyed by a ballotshowing voters reflect he is the most attention-grabbing leadership candidate who can fetch the following election. The YouGov ballotfor the Sunday Situations showed the Brexit Event used to be now ahead of both the Tories and Labour.

It attach Nigel Farage’s safe collectively on 24 per cent, three functions ahead of Labour and the Tories on 21 per cent with the Lib Dems conclude behind on 19 per cent. A total of 47 per cent judge Mr Johnson can gaze off Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage and easiest 22 per cent disagree. 

Staunch 15 per cent enlighten his nearest rival, Jeremy Hunt, can fetch the Tories one other time-frame in vitality. It also suggested Mr Johnson used to be the most attention-grabbing candidate who would persuade voters to flip to the Tories. Some 22 per cent stated they were extra more seemingly to vote Tory if he used to be leader.

None of his opponents scored extra than 8 per cent. Nonetheless 59 per cent of voters stated they would perchance no longer purchase a ancient automobile from Mr Johnson.

The endorsement comes irrespective of Mr Hancock having turned into his fireplace on Mr Johnson in the early phases of the contest over his attacks on commercial. 

Mr Johnson reportedly stated ‘f*** commercial’ in fury on the CBI and other commercial groups seeking to spread scaremongering reports about No Deal.

Mr Hancock argued Mr Johnson had the ‘sinful perspective’ and educated the BBC’s This day programme that it used to be significant for the Tories to ‘help commercial and no longer bash commercial’.

‘Now we include to toughen companies because they’re these who save the roles.’

The day prior to this Mr Johnson fuelled rumours of an early standard election after photographs emerged of him asserting he would ‘safe Brexit accomplished and safe ready for an election’.

The feedback came at hustings with safe collectively members on Saturday, but Mr Johnson’s crew furiously denied the hiss. They stated he had incessantly ruled out an early election and argued he used to be relating to the election in 2022.

Rory Stewart surges to SECOND favourite in Tory leader sprint 

Rory Stewart lashed out at Boris Johnson for no longer having a ‘thought’ on Brexit this day after making a shock surge into 2nd area in the Tory leadership having a bet.

The Worldwide Building Secretary launched a withering assault on the entrance runner after bookmakers had him leapfrogging Jeremy Hunt because the closest challenger.

The criticism came at a hustings tournament with journalists in Westminster – which Mr Johnson has opted to snub as his ‘submarine’ approach continues.

Mr Hunt also taunted the favourite this morning, asserting he wished to derive some ‘Churchillian courage’. 

Mr Stewart has won extra backers overnight after inserting in a solid performance in the Channel 4 TV debate, with minister Margot James and Scottish Tory Paul Masterson declaring their toughen. 

Nonetheless he over again flip-flopped this day over whether he would help in a Mr Johnson Cupboard, telling Factual Morning Britain he ‘100 per cent’ would no longer.

Mr Johnson also won the endorsement of frail work and pensions secretary Esther McVey and frail Scotland Yard boss Bernard Hogan-Howe – now a inappropriate-bench gaze – who described him as a ‘truly worthy mayor’ of London.

Meanwhile, a brand modern ballotgave Mr Johnson a prime boost and dashed the hopes of Mr Stewart.

It chanced on extra than three quarters of Tory members reflect the frail foreign secretary would include an precise leader but fewer than one in three opinion the same about the Worldwide Building Secretary.

The YouGov glimpse reinforces the leer that if Mr Johnson makes it onto the final ballotpaper when two candidates are attach to grassroots activists to exhaust from he’ll be nearly very no longer more seemingly to conclude.

Some 77 per cent of Conservative Event members reflect Mr Johnson would include an precise Tory leader whereas factual 19 per cent reflect he would include a downhearted job.

Mr Johnson is also considered by the usual public because the candidate most more seemingly to include an precise leader as he used to be backed by 31 per cent of voters.

Mr Stewart used to be the most attention-grabbing remaining Tory leadership contender who did not be considered positively by a majority of Tory members.

Staunch 31 per cent stated Mr Stewart would be an precise leader when put next with 50 per cent who stated he would be a downhearted selection.

The ballotwill be welcomed by Dominic Raab who had the 2nd perfect ranking amongst the Tory grassroots.

Some 68 per cent stated the frail Brexit secretary would include an precise leader and 21 per cent stated he would be a deplorable selection.

What occurs next? ‘Cease Boris’ Tory leadership hopefuls now locked in a fight for 2nd area to include it onto the final ballotpaper

The subject of Tory leadership challengers has been whittled down to six after three candidates were ousted on the first ballotof MPs on Thursday and Matt Hancock opted to withdraw on Friday.

Those mute standing now include in the future wherein to lead extra of their Conservative colleagues to help their bids before the 2nd spherical of voting takes area tomorrow.

At this level the sprint is entirely about momentum. Boris Johnson has cemented his win 22 situation because the favourite after he secured 114 votes – enough to successfully guarantee he is one in every of the final two candidates.

Nonetheless for the remainder five candidates, it’s all mute to play for.

Four Tory leadership challengers are now out of the sprint for Quantity 10. Esther McVey, Andrea Leadsom and Brand Harper were eradicated in the first spherical of voting whereas Matt Hancock has chosen to withdraw from the sprint

What is occurring this day?

5 of the six remaining leadership candidates will face a grilling by political journalists at an tournament in Parliament. 

The candidates will prefer it in turns to face 20 minutes of questions but Mr Johnson just isn’t any longer taking share. 

There’ll also be one other hustings tournament, this one in entrance of Tory MPs, featuring the total candidates as they peep to fetch additional toughen. 

What occurs on Tuesday?

Tory MPs will vote for the 2nd time in what is more seemingly to be a include or break moment in the sprint to prevail Theresa Might perchance also simply.

There shall be six candidates to exhaust from but easiest Mr Johnson can include any inch bet about making it to the following stage.

Someone no longer named Mr Johnson will now include the same aim: To include in 2nd area and include it onto the final ballotpaper alongside Mr Johnson.

Jeremy Hunt came 2nd in Thursday’s vote with the toughen of 43 of his colleagues.

Nonetheless no longer one in every of the opposite remaining candidates are too a long way behind and all of them shall be hopeful of hoovering up no lower than one of the MPs who backed the four candidates who must not any longer in the sprint.

They’re going to need no lower than 33 votes to progress to the third vote but when the total six candidates area up to safe previous that threshold, whoever has the fewest votes shall be eradicated. 

The International Secretary came 2nd in the first spherical of voting and can simply now be hoping to lead Tory MPs that he is the candidate able to appealing Boris Johnson

Rory Stewart faces the biggest venture after he easiest secured the toughen of 19 MPs in the first spherical. 

Mr Johnson’s grip on the contest is anticipated to grow mute additional after he picked up the toughen of frail opponents Mr Hancock and Esther McVey.

Once the 2nd ballothas accomplished and no lower than one candidate has been eradicated there will then be a televised leadership debate on BBC One at 8pm hosted by Emily Maitlis. 

Mr Johnson has stated he’ll prefer share after snubbing one held by Channel 4 on Sunday.

What occurs after the 2nd spherical of voting on Tuesday? 

It’s a long way the job of Tory MPs to cut the list of candidates to two and after Tuesday’s vote there will then follow additional ballots on Wednesday and, if major, on Thursday, till the chosen pair remain.

The series of additional ballots wished shall be determined by whether trailing candidates decide to withdraw from the contest but the third ballotis scheduled for Wednesday whereas the fourth and fifth would favor area on Thursday.

What occurs as soon as there are two candidates left? 

The Conservative Event’s estimated 160,000 members shall be requested to exhaust who they are seeking to be their next leader. 

The final two must face 16 leadership hustings events all the arrangement in which thru the nation with the first attributable to be held in Birmingham on June 22 and the final one taking area in London in the week initiating July 15.

Ballotpapers are anticipated to despatched out to members between July 6-8. 

The overall winner of the contest is attributable to be announced in the week of July 22. 

Mrs Might perchance also simply will then slither to leer the Queen to formally resign and the newly elected leader of the Conservative Event shall be invited to Buckingham Palace to include a brand modern authorities. 

Who could the MPs who supported the four eradicated candidates now help?

Mr Johnson has racked up endorsements from both Esther McVey and Matt Hancock over the weekend – rising his already impressive tally.

The toughen shall be vastly disappointing to Mr Raab – who needs votes from Brexiteers love Ms McVey – and Mr Gove, who had been hoping to woo Mr Hancock’s centrist acolytes.

The ten MPs who backed Brand Harper, a candidate with a softer approach to Brexit, were centered by the likes of Mr Hunt and Sajid Javid.  

Boris Johnson is now the prohibitive favourite to prevail Theresa Might perchance also simply after securing the toughen of 114 Tory MPs in the first spherical of voting

So does Boris include it sewn up?

Outdated Tory leadership contests include proven that the particular particular person that leads the sprint on the initiating of the process does no longer repeatedly include in first.

Management campaigns are also unstable and it’s distinctly imaginable that an unexpected tournament in the impending weeks could radically shake up the fight for Quantity 10.

Mr Johnson is in pole area but there’s mute loads of time for that to alternate. 

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