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One among the a lot of mysteries surrounding Jeffrey Epstein is how he acquired so prosperous. His mountainous wealth — per chance Epstein isn’t the billionaire he’s customarily described as, nonetheless he’s as a minimal price a great deal of of millions of greenbacks — looks wildly out of scale for a one who wasn’t born prosperous and did now no longer leave an unlimited footprint on Wall Boulevard by the usage of purchasers or counterparties. What did he enact to win so rich?

The Wall Boulevard Journal reported on a letter that solves as a minimal a fragment of the thriller. Leslie Wexner, the billionaire founder of Minute Brands who used to be Epstein’s handiest effectively-identified consumer, told individuals of his foundation that Epstein “misappropriated” more than $46 million of his wealth. Wexner says he figured this out as he used to be cutting ties with Epstein in 2007, the principle time Epstein acquired in merely distress over his sexual abuse of minors.

The apparent put a query to is: If Wexner discovered 12 years ago that Epstein had stolen a really vast amount of cash from him, why didn’t he enact the rest about it? He may per chance presumably presumably contain tried to win Epstein arrested and indicted for the theft. He additionally may per chance presumably presumably contain sued Epstein civilly. Didn’t he resolve on his a repayment?

There are a pair of now no longer-damning theories I will reach up with about why Wexner didn’t act. Wexner’s amazing chance to grant Epstein vitality of attorney may per chance presumably presumably contain made it more important, nonetheless now no longer very unlikely, to drawl that whatever Epstein did with his money used to be trudge. He may per chance presumably presumably contain sued Epstein for a breach of fiduciary accountability, and since Epstein is prosperous and had system to pay a judgment or a settlement, it looks fancy it would had been price a shot. Finally, Epstein used to be paying settlements to a pair of the of us that he allegedly sexually abused.

One more chance is that Wexner used to be embarrassed. Victims of monetary scams customarily are; he would contain had to admit that his chums who were reportedly puzzled about the have faith he put in Epstein were pleasing to in actuality feel as they did. While $46 million is some huge cash (and in accordance with the Journal, that’s true a fragment of the unspecified total amount Wexner says Epstein “misappropriated”), Wexner is an extremely rich man who remains extremely rich after his miserable dealings with Epstein. Per chance he most well-most traditional to fall the topic rather than contain a really unpleasant, very public dialog about how the pedophile he trusted with his money for decades fleeced him for millions of greenbacks.

On the several hand, $46 million is in actuality some huge cash, and also possibilities are you’ll presumably presumably mediate one day one day of the decade-long nationwide dialog about how outraged we’re about what Epstein acquired away with — 2011? 2015? Eight weeks ago? — Wexner may per chance presumably presumably contain raised his hand and stated, “By the potential, that guy stole millions of greenbacks from me,” and The United States would had been grateful for the chance to nail him to the wall for that. Federal imprisonment for robbery worked for O.J. Simpson; why now no longer Epstein?

This feels fancy the originate of thing we’re presumably going to learn more about within the upcoming months.

If Epstein Stole From Wexner, Why Didn’t Wexner Sue?