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Love Island SPOILER: Heartbroken Anna is left in floods of tears over Jordan cheating ‘nightmare’

The Love Island villa erupted when Jordan Hames professed his feelings for India Reynold’s behind girlfriend Anna Vakili’s back.

And the aftermath of the row has proved to be just as explosive, with a teaser from Wednesday night’s episode showing a heartbroken Anna left in tears, whilst Jordan appears to show no remorse. 

Unable to hide her upset, the crestfallen pharmacist uncontrollably sobbed in the Beach Hut that she had been ‘tricked’ into a relationship, and later proved tensions were still running high during the famous parenting challenge, claiming that their ‘baby’ must belong to one of his ‘100 girls’ – a reference to the amount of women Jordan has slept with.     

Heartbroken: A teaser from Wednesday night's episode of Love Island showed a heartbroken Anna left in tears, whilst Jordan appeared to show no remorse

Heartbroken: A teaser from Wednesday night’s episode of Love Island showed a heartbroken Anna left in tears, whilst Jordan appeared to show no remorse

Jordan had asked Anna to be his girlfriend with a romantic gesture just two days ago before admitting to Curtis Pritchard that he had feelings for India.

Shocked at the sudden turnaround, Anna sobbed to the girls: ‘It’s been two days look what he’s done in my face.’

Meanwhile, Jordan lamented coming under fire from the girls in a chat with the boys, prompting Curtis to reason: ‘You weren’t doing anything wrong’.

Heartbroken and emotional, Anna retreated to the Beach Hut where she sobbed: ‘Why can’t I be that girl that finds someone and really treats me well?

‘Why do I have to be the girl that’s tricked into a relationship? Why cant I be the other girl?’  

The next morning, Anna and Jordan were forced to work together as they took part in the famous parenting challenge – which sees the Islanders’ tasked with caring for a baby doll. 

Clearly still upset with Jordan, Anna quipped that he’s a ‘single dad’, claiming ‘Jordan’s a single dad to… I don’t know whose baby it is because it’s not mine.’ 

Taking aim at him, Anna added to the model: ‘That’s one of your 100 girls’ babe;’ to which Jordan hit back: ‘I’m not your babe.’ 

As Anna and Jordan fought, as did Curtis and Maura Higgins, after Amber Gill revealed that the professional dancer had advised Jordan to approach India without speaking to Anna first. 

Meanwhile, a shock dumping left the Islanders in disbelief, with four Islanders being forced to leave the villa. 

During Tuesday night’s episode, Jordan’s revelation induced shock waves around the villa after Curtis spilled the beans to his partner Maura who swiftly passed on the information to Anna.

Moments after Jordan told India that he thinks his head has turned for her following their chats about their favourite fruit Anna stormed over to interrupt and branded him a ‘game player’.

Shouting from across the villa Anna said ‘do you like her?’, as she was left reeling from what Maura had just told her on the swing chair.

Jordan attempted to reassure her they were just having a ‘conversation’, despite offering up his feelings to India just seconds before their exchange.

Anna demanded to know what they were talking about however a shocked Jordan appeared unable to answer the question.

After hearing the altercation many of the other Islanders headed over to the spat to back Anna after learning that Jordan had confessed his feelings to Curtis.

Anna fumed: ‘You just asked me out and you like her, is that how much of a f***ing idiot you are. What the f**k!’

‘Are you actually that idiot? You ask a girl out. What are you talking about then I have a right to know you are my ‘boyfriend’. F***ing fake d***head.’

Finally offering an explanation, Jordan said: ‘I was just talking about how I feel which is what I tried to tell you today but you just started losing your head.’

Anna replied: ‘You asked a girl to be your girlfriend and then two days later you’re hitting on her. What kind of guy asks a girl to be their girlfriend and then two days later cracks on with another girl.  

Amid the drama protective Ovie Soko pulled India aside and asked her if she was okay as he led her away from the row.  

Erupting in furry after Jordan denied saying he likes India, Anna reminded him that he had just told her that he wanted to tell her today, before he replied: ‘When did I say that’.

Maura jumped in and said: ‘You just said it’.

Digging a hole further, Jordan continued: ‘You’re the most negative person I’ve met in my whole life. Why are you shouting about like that. 

‘Maybe if you weren’t so negative. You’re so boring.’

Anna blasted: ‘You asked me to be your girlfriend so that you can get through to the finals because you’re a game player. Why would you ask me to be your girlfriend. Boyfriend. Tch, no wonder you’ve had one relationship and you’ve f**ked over 100 girls. Makes f***ing sense.’ 



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