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Love Island: Viewers brand Yewande ‘savage’ for SHUSHING Danny during tense showdown

Their romance has been filled with drama ever since Arabella Chi made a dramatic entrance to the villa earlier this week.

And Yewande Biala, 23, decided to clarify where she stands with partner Danny Williams, 21, once and for all as she approached him for a three-way conversation alongside the model, 28, on Sunday’s edition of the show.

With tension reaching boiling point, the scientist was branded ‘savage’ by entertained viewers as she ‘shushed’ the hunky Islander while questioning his ‘confusing’ actions. 

In attempt to clear the confusion, a defiant Yewande started the awkward chat: ‘So, Arabella pointed out to me that you both have an undeniable connection and want to get to know each other. 

‘You failed to mention that you were interested in her, even though you told me you’re not interested in anyone else! Why did you do that?’

Before Danny was able to fully explain his behaviour, Yewande interrupted him by shouting: ‘Shh!’, with an unimpressed Danny responding: ‘Don’t be rude!’   

Viewers took to Twitter in their droves as they commented on the uncomfortable encounter, with one stating: ‘Yewande is savage! #loveisland’.

Another penned: ‘Yewande has bigger balls than Danny, FACT. What a woman #LoveIsland.’

‘She’s caught him out in a lie… #LoveIsland #triangle #Danny #Yewande’, a third wrote, while another social media user said: ‘#loveisland When Yewande came with that full-force ‘HMM!’ to shush Danny.’ 

When asked whether he’d like to continue his romance with Yewande, Danny candidly responded: ‘I want me and you to continue to talk as friends at the minimum. 

‘Do I want to get back into bed with you? No, as you’re raging, but I want to see how it goes, and I also want to get to know Arabella.’  

Moments later, a disappointed Yewande admitted: ‘It’s hard to know what I want as it’s hard for me due to being in competition with someone else. I need to think about what’s going on.’

Following the conversation, fellow contestant Tom Walker confronted Arabella with his thoughts on the controversial love triangle.

The model, 28, told a surprised Arabella: ‘We were all confused as he told all of us that he didn’t feel like there was any flirting going on during your date, and his head’s not being turned’, with the blonde responding: ‘I can’t believe he said that, there was definitely some flirting going on’.  

During a conversation with Anton Danyluk, Tommy Fury, Jordan Hames and Michael Griffiths, Danny admitted: ‘I regret saying that my head won’t be turned. If I can go back and change anything, I wouldn’t.’

I didn’t want to say anything about Arabella before knowing how Yewande felt about me

I regret saying that my head won’t be turned. If I can go back and change anything, I wouldn’t. I’m not going to crack up with people at the same time.

Boxer Danny detailed the drama from an outsider’s point of view: ‘Yewande’s finally opened up, and you’ve just told her lies. You’ve broken down those walls and you’ve threw the walls straight back up.’

Echoing his comments, Michael said: ‘[You saying you want to get to know them both] sounds proper d*******-y.

The firefighter, 28, said in the Beach Hut: ‘The way he’s gone about it, just shows his age.

The next day, Danny and Arabella team up to discuss their situation, with the Hull native asking the Londonder: ‘Do you want me to say to Yewande that things aren’t happening?’

‘Yes’, the blonde candidly answered.

Attempting to reassure Arabella about his emotions, the confused Islander admitted: ‘I don’t see things going back to that stage with Yewande’, before he tells the boys in a separate conversation: ‘In a perfect world, I’d like to get to know both Yewande and Arabella.’

Later into the episode, Yewande admitted to Danny she still has feelings for him, while he finally confessed he aims to get to know both of his love interests.

Arabella ruffled feathers as she picked Danny as her partner for the Gym Bunnies challenge. 

As the Islanders relaxed in the garden, the model received a text, which read: ‘Girls. It’s time to hop-it, as you all compete in today’s challenge Gym Bunnie’. #atitlikerabbits #runrabbitrun.’

Over two heats, the girls, dressed as gym bunnies, were required to complete a course while the boys served as their very own personal trainers.   

In the Beach Hut, Danny reflected on the challenge, stating: ‘We haven’t fully cleared the air yet so there was a bit of tension there.’

Love Island continues on Monday at 9pm on ITV2. 

Controversial: Arabella, 28, ruffled feathers as she picked Danny, 21, as her partner for the Gym Bunnies challenge

Controversial: Arabella, 28, ruffled feathers as she picked Danny, 21, as her partner for the Gym Bunnies challenge

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