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Meet the women vying for Matt Agnew’s heart on The Bachelor ahead of season premiere

The Bachelor is set to return to Channel 10 for its seventh season on Wednesday night.

And while we know for sure hunky astrophysicist Matt Agnew finds love on the series, we now get an introduction to all the suitresses vying for his heart. 

Here, Daily Mail Australia reveals all of the women trying to win the astrophysicist’s heart on the newest season of the show.  

1. Model and YouTube star Vakoo Kauapirura, 23 

Model and YouTube star Vakoo Kauapirura, 23

Model and YouTube star Vakoo Kauapirura, 23

Vakoo was rumoured to be on this season from March, but was confirmed last week. 

The 23-year-old is already generating plenty of buzz with her introduction on the trailer, where she repeats her name ahead of meeting Matt on the red carpet. 

Vakoo told The Daily Telegraph recently: ‘There are so many standards of beauty so I’m really excited to be part of the season of diversity.’

2. Chemical Engineer Chelsie McLeod, 28

Chemical Engineer Chelsie McLeod, 28

Chemical Engineer Chelsie McLeod, 28

Cheslie is already a clear favourite from the latest trailers, with strapping brainiac Matt having instant chemistry with the beauty. 

The statuesque model and the academic are rumoured to be have quite the pairing this season, with her featured heavily in the previews. 

A number of media outlets have already put Chelsie as the front-runner for Matt’s heart, including the Herald Sun.  

3. Abbie Chatfield, 23 

Queenslander Abbie Chatfield, 23

Queenslander Abbie Chatfield, 23

Abbie gained the attention of a number of Hollywood stars when she had her introduction with Matt on the show. 

The curly-haired Queenslander had a less than stellar introduction, with her appearing confused about what an astrophysicist  does. 

During their first meeting, Abbie said: ‘What do you do?’ to which Matt replied: ‘I’m an astrophysicist.’

Abbie hilariously replied: ‘OK, I’m a Gemini,’ to which Matt politely said: ‘I’m a Leo.’

4. Civil engineer Sogand Mohtat, 30

Civil engineer Sogand Mohtat, 30

Civil engineer Sogand Mohtat, 30

Sogand was a notable face from the preview, which she taught Matt a number of Farsi words only to trick him into proposing during their introduction.   

 The civil engineer grew-up in Tehran, Iran and moved to Australia in 2005 and is now ready to settle down.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, she said: ‘I’m at a stage right now where I want to fall in love and share my life with someone,’ 

5. Health coach Helena Sauzier, 25

Health coach Helena Sauzier, 25

Health coach Helena Sauzier, 25

Health coach Helena impressed Matt with her command of the French language, with him instantly liking her accent. 

Matt and Mauritius-raised Helena appeared to hit it off straight away with each other after meeting on the red carpet.   

Speaking to Perth Now this month, Helena said she was looking for someone ‘brazen, dependable and brutally honest’ to be her next boyfriend.

6. China researcher Kristen Czyszek, 24

China researcher Kristen Czyszek, 24

China researcher Kristen Czyszek, 24

 China researcher Kristen Czyszek has impressed Matt from the get go with her interest in foreign languages. 

The Queensland beauty just spent two years in China, with her speaking almost flawless Chinese during the pair’s red carpet introduction. 

Despite impressing Matt with her unique skills, it turned out Matt was the one with the trick up his sleeve with him also having a command of Chinese.

7. Clerical Officer Brianna, 23

Clerical officer Brianna, 23

Clerical officer Brianna, 23

Brianna is one of the lesser known contestants on the show, but she could easily steal Matt’s heart away. 

The beauty admits she has plenty of hidden talents, including being able to do a headstand, a fake sneeze and talk with water in her mouth. 

‘I’m looking for someone fun with a great sense of humour, like a best friend,’ Brianna said in her interview with Channel Ten.  

8. Jewellery designer Cassandra, 33 

Jewellery designer Cassandra, 33

Jewellery designer Cassandra, 33

Raven-haired beauty Cassandra hasn’t had much to say about her time on the show, but that doesn’t mean she won’t win Matt’s heart. 

The committed businesswoman admits that she sets a high standard for herself and those around her, which will include Matt. 

Speaking to Channel Ten, she said her plan to win over Matt was to: ‘just being my best self and if that’s not what he’s after, then it’s not meant to be.’ 

9. Danush, 34.   

Danush, 34

Danush, 34

Danush has been unlucky in love in the past, which is why she’s turned to The Bachelor to hopefully find love.  

The brunette beauty describes herself as witty, intelligent and logical. 

Speaking to Channel Ten, she said she has focused on her studies before which meant she hasn’t had time to find the right guy.     

‘I focused a lot on my career and my studies,’ she revealed. ‘I haven’t met the right guy at the right time.’

10. Country girl Elly 

Country girl Elly, 24

Country girl Elly, 24

Elly grew up in the country but has since made the move to beach, but she knows she’s still a classic Aussie girl. 

She admits she’s had her heart broken a number of times, but wants to give it another try and this time with handsome Matt Agnew.  

She admits to Channel Ten:  ‘The last person I opened up to broke my heart. I’m scared to be in the situation again where I don’t feel good enough for someone.’   

11. Irish lass Emma, 32  

Irish lass Emma, 32

Irish lass Emma, 32

Emma has lived in Australia for the past eight years, but she hasn’t forgotten her Irish roots (and her Irish luck). 

The brunette beauty has suffered her fair share of heartbreak, but she’s ready to try it all again only this time with Matt.   

Speaking to Channel Ten, she said: ‘I’ll do whatever I can to make my partner happy.’  

12. Cosmetic nurse Georgie, 32 

Cosmetic nurse Georgie, 32

Cosmetic nurse Georgie, 32 

British-born Georgie is a raven haired cosmetic nurse. 

The statuesque stunner thinks she has what it takes to win over, handsome Matt Agnew. 

Speaking to Channel Ten, she said her good qualities were: ‘I’ll stick by them [my partner] in bad times and be there to celebrate the good.’ 

More to come 

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